Sunday, October 14, 2012

House on the Hill

A quiet weekend spent at home.

I made another paper cut, this one slips into a test tube.
When pulled out the paper retains its curl and gives the illusion
of a house on the hill. secret castle on a hill.


  1. Beautiful paper cut! And I love the test tube delivery :) Looking forward to seeing your 'secret castle on a hill' paper cut (your photos of the secret castle in the mountains, in an earlier post, are wonderful - beautiful, lonely, and more than a little bit eerie).
    I hope you're now fully recovered from your rainy-hike-cold. Hope you have a great week!

  2. thanks so much for your kind words.
    hope you have a great week, too!
    xo, j

  3. a little tired tonight, searching for words
    but this is so beautiful, nothing else fits
    holding my breath for the castle : )


  4. this is such a beautiful idea! i would love carrying this inside of my pocket :]

  5. i admire your imagination and idea from your own
    outdoor experience. i see the tree holding each other's
    hand, dancing in the forest.

  6. thank you for all the kind comments, it means a great deal to me.
    xo, j

  7. it's beautiful!!
    the color
    the cutting, those beautiful trees
    and the glass tube


    I love it all

    Patrice A.

  8. it is so beautiful j!!!
    i have had such a lovely time here at your blog now
    catching up with your nice posts while enjoying home made cinnamonrolls and a cup of night time tea : )

    hope all is well,
    thinking about you so very very often sweet friend.


  9. What a beautiful house on the hill, J. It does remind me a little of our little house on the hill. I'm quite looking forward to the castle :)

  10. You're genius, I mean it, this looks SO beautiful, a perfect gift or a decoration. Maybe I'll try it myself.