Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eagles, Acorns and Apple Cider

Bald Eagle

An acorn left behind until I can return...

The last of my vacation photos, I promise!

The birds of prey will be migrating through November.
Because of the excellent trout river, those who fish are readily found.
(Sorry about the blurry eagle photo, it was quite far away and
my little camera made a valiant effort to zoom in.)

Hot Apple Cider helped warm me after a rainy hike,
but it seems I've caught a bit of a cold from the adventure. 

So it's a cup of tea and off to bed early for me.


  1. your acorn makes me smile.
    rest well and keep warm to get the cold run away from you. out in the woods photos are what i need to see today.
    thanks j.

  2. beautiful birds
    i hope the cold clears soon
    so you can go back!


  3. I love the regal birds on their perches. And the acorn! Adore it. Warm wishes to you.