Sunday, October 21, 2012


border collies catching frisbees

Yesterday a friend and I attended The New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY.
The day was bright and unseasonably warm as we explored the barns full of fiber.

My beautiful, albeit shy, friend and I learned how to use a spinning wheel.
Time to start saving those pennies!

We were so busy and our hands too full to take many photos.
I spoiled myself and purchased one ball of long desired Qivuit in a soft, mossy grey color. 
And my yearly skien of cashmere which is eggplant and not the blue it appears to be.
Some of my bounty from left to right:

Persimmon Tree Farm mohair/wool blend

It was a wonderful event made even better by sharing it with my friend.
Unit next year!

ps. Thanks Mom!


  1. wow, how was the spinning wheel, great! x

  2. the wheel was amazing!
    my friend and i tried a couple of different models
    and were immediately hooked on the Ashford Kiwi.
    xo, j

  3. j, knitting anything at the moment? i started on
    stripe pattern last night, this is so fun and takes
    my mind off from little things in life....
    that is why i still like knitting, it always takes me
    to dreamy happy place. have a happy monday morning.
    my monday ended and will go to bed soon.
    good night