Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Secret Castle

Deep in my mountains is a secret castle.
Built at the turn of the previous century it has spent most
of its hundred odd years in abandonment.

I've been driving by it for many years and always obeyed the 
'Private Property' signs posted everywhere...until this year.

36 rooms with Italian marble floors and staircases, 
a wrought iron gate imported from France and 
a gold leafed fireplace worth $5000 in 1910.

I must admit there's a spooky feeling around the place
and despite all the open doors I stayed outside and made my visit brief.

My secret castle in the mountains...


  1. Swoon. I love it. I'm afraid I would ignore the signs quite often!

  2. wow!! i love this construcion I've never seen in real something like this!

  3. very spooky but i would be curious like you and
    eventually go visit. i am glad you did^^.
    old building like this, style of building, the
    way they built always amazes me.
    brave girl J.

  4. just what my daughter wants for christmas
    (well, in pink miniature :)
    and the sort of thing i could daydream
    about renovating . . .

  5. I wish I had a castle like this in the nearby. It looks just like from some Jane Austen book, haha. :) Beautiful.