Monday, January 14, 2013

A Foggy Walk

The fog has been thick as felt for three days now.
A fine mist covers everything, accumulating into drops
that roll down my face and clothing.

Saturday I was dutiful and went to the grocery, laundromat, etc
so Sunday I took off to the woods.

A few more little paper clay creatures awaiting sandpaper and paint.
If I could just slow everything down for a few moments
there are so many things I want to make!

Hope all is well.
xo, j


  1. Ethereal fog. Here we've had pouring rain all day, with temps dropping this week and into next week. Maybe we'll get snow! Love your beautiful creatures. Happy crafting , dear!

    1. we've not had much rain here...but there are predictions of
      a 'wintery mix" tonight *smile*
      hope you and the boys are all healthy and well
      xo, j

  2. that first photo - like a cathedral!

    1. that's exactly how i feel when i'm out there
      xo, j

  3. wauw.... that first image, magical!
    yesterday morning our world was white
    and in the morning the fog came
    the woods were not as magical as yours
    but beautiful nevertheless!

    thank you for your comment
    we both are from 1964, a good year! ;^))
    and I am sure silver will look fine

    Patrice A.