Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spring Bulbs

For the most part we have had a mild winter.
Outside of work yesterday morning I noticed the Daffodil bulbs 
have been lured into a false sense of early Spring too.

The temperatures have since plummeted, and the 
month of February is usually snowy.
I will cover the little shoots with leaves and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, my indoor bulbs have started to bloom.
Pink and Grape Hyacinths are a daily joy.


  1. your hyacinth must be smelling so good.
    my tulips and muscari bulbs are planted outdoor,
    they begin showing little bit of sprouts....and i
    am keeping eye on them closely.

    when feeling pain in hands and toes, slow down your self and keep them warm works best for me at the moment. it has become as a reminder for me to slow down and relax more often.
    hope you feel better soon.

  2. thank you, i'll try to not do everything at once!.
    xo, j