Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Greeting Cards

"There are two kinds of people in the world...you and everyone else"

I wish I was better about writing and sending cards to people.
My love of stationary fills three boxes on a shelf
but I never seem to get around to writing anyone.

My Mom is a brilliant letter writer and has such lovely handwriting.
Alas, my script bounces then tightens, leaning one way and then the other
wandering across the page and defying me to mis-spell!

Today in the mail came a perfect card from V.
The story she shares inside is so enchanting it feels like 
I'm peering over her shoulder as she writes.
Wonder what is must be like to have such long summer days
and then long winter nights...I'm fascinated by Norway...
Thank you, darling friend.

The ballerina card is from my sister-in-law.
That card is so spot on!
"Thankenstein" came from my brother.
Who wouldn't love a card with 'mad scientist' on it!


  1. happy that it made YOU happy
    my dear friend..*smile*

    tomorrow i am going to make scones and add some drops of the cherished orange blossom water...sooooo delicious...yummmm...


  2. I will like the image of the little ballerinas on a Poster, do you know were I could find it???