Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Morning

This past weekend was my 49th birthday!
Instead of doing something spectacular I stayed home 
and had a bit of a clearing out.
Seemed appropriate.

Read through many knitting patterns, looking for my next project
and continued to mull over a new idea...just need to jump in and start!

Hoping for snow showers today.
The squirrels are relining their nests with dry leaves 
Four scoops of seeds for them to share with the birds.

So sorry that I've been lack in my posts,
but keeping an eye on all my dear friends.
Hope you have a lovely week.
xo, j


  1. Dear J,
    I have to confess that I wanna send you some 'pattern' because of V's swap... but, shame on me, first I was stuck and later I've forgot.

    But now, in fascination of beginning... I make another attempt! Is there something special that you want from Germany? Shall I send you pattern to knit...? Or shall I surprise you ;)

    Happy belated Birthday to you!

    I like your photos very much... that one of iced plant, wow!


  2. Happy Birthday to you, dear! That sounds like a lovely birthday, without all the fuss. Happy crafting on your next project. I'm sewing wool slippers for the boys. We too are hoping for snow showers, as the temperature continues to drop. Bright blessings (maybe some white!) on your week. xo

  3. happy birthday j. i'm glad you had
    a peaceful, relaxing birthday.
    i will be finishing up my current knitting
    soon and can't wait to start another new one,
    feeding birds and squirrels. how nice to have
    such a lovely company near by. they are lucky to
    have you!

  4. then you share a birthday with my man :)
    i thought i could sense the gentleness . . .
    happy, creative days to you, j

  5. A belated very happy birthday to you!
    What a tasty looking treat your squirrels and birds receive... just what they need at this very chilly time of year.