Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food for Thought

I just received my January/February issue of Selvedge magazine.
There is always something to delight between the pages.
This time it's embroiderer Karen Nicol and her book Embellished: New Vintage

I haven't read the article yet; I like to take it in small delicious morsels!
Will definitely have to check out the book.

A featured quote,

"It's of no benefit to mindlessly copy.
We have to add the magic of our way of seeing."


  1. i've been savouring this too, slowly
    + about to climb into bed with it.
    goodnight to you, dear J

  2. oh, my....
    these are so beautiful
    I LOVE that mouse
    with wings....
    thank you
    for sharing!!!!

    Patrice A.