Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back from Chicago...Finally!

My trip to Chicago was a travel nightmare.
I was delayed over two hours on departure because of a 
severe thunderstorm that caused the electricity to go out in the airport.
My flight wasn't too bad and it was clear coming into Chicago.
I was on the wrong side of the plane to photograph the city
but the flat landscape and predictable suburban grid pattern was lovely.

A mid day snack of chocolate covered strawberries 
and a tiny Eiffel Tower gift helped move the meetings along.

My flight home was cancelled because of bad weather and after
endless phone calls to the travel agent I booked a flight for the next morning.
My boss kindly booked me a hotel room for the layover, no sleeping in the airport!

Thunderstorms roared overnight but then settled by the time of departure.
Beneath those puffy white peaks the storm continued.

It was an exhausting trip both mentally and physically.
I'm so glad to be home again!!!


  1. welcome home J. glad to know you are back safely.
    i remember how exhauting after traveling long hours and spending many hours at the airport. but you know, one good thing is that appreciation of "back home, being in your own home and have a place to come home to".
    i hope you can rest and relaxed during the weekend.
    i am sending you welcome home hugs ❦

    1. Oh I'm so sorry J! :(. Well I am glad your home safe now. O'Hare gives me anxiety pangs every time I know I'll be flying in there.