Sunday, July 01, 2012

Creek Walk

pretty little oakworm moth

Up to the mountains last night.
I took a late evening creek walk in shallow water
with trout and crayfish darting out of my path.

Small creatures were busy everywhere.
A plump brown mouse with bright black eyes
scurried from the woodpile and stopped at my feet.
Later, bats dove after fireflies as they rose from the field.

Grilled turkey dogs, sweet corn and potato salad for dinner.
Very much a summer meal.

Back home and counting the mosquito bites on ankles, knees and shoulders.
Those on the back of my knees are the worst!
Why do they always swell up and itch more in the evening?
A tepid oatmeal bath should help.

Mosquito bites and the first low rattle of must be July.


  1. Oh, thats what kind of moth that is! I saw one once perched on the side of a building once, and thought the colors were absolutely beautiful. How fitting that would be the name of your blog :)

    Mosquitos not too bad yet here....knock on wood. Horseflies on the other hand think we're an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  2. j, you must be one of mosquito favorite person too. ^^
    i always get targeted by them as well. but it won't stop
    me going around the nature.
    enjoy the oatmeal bath