Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rushing About

It seems all that I've been doing is rushing about lately.
Just back from the Laundromat and a quick brunch before heading into work.

I have 5 more copies of Farm to bind, 
these were done about a week or so ago.

As you can see, my obsessive cleaning binge has not extended to my drawing table!
And yes, I work in an art supply store so materials abound.
: )


  1. Those books are AMAZING. The chickens, omg, the CHICKENS. And the little tomato plant. They're so cute! Wow you are talented.

    1. You're too kind!
      I'd love to send you a copy if you would like.
      Let me know.
      My brother arrives tonight and it's off to NC tomorrow morning.
      : )

  2. my beautiful "j-book" is decorating here at my table,
    i am so found of it!!!: )


    a question (blushing again)...:
    i have for a long time tried to find orange blossom water here in norway but it is impossible to get hold of....can i ask you if you could see if you can get hold on one in your BIG country for me. i soooo want it for baking...?
    every time i eat the golden honey you gave me i am in tasteheaven...so so good!!!: )

    that breakfast looks yummi!!


  3. ps:
    your food inspired me so i have just eaten something very similar : )))

    1. not a problem!
      my brother and i are going to nyc next week and i'm sure i'll find it there.
      : )
      xo, j

    2. OH!!THANK YOU!!!!: )