Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Cleaning

My brother is coming to visit this Wednesday
so I've spent most of my weekend cleaning in anticipation of his arrival.

Even so, there's dust on the toaster...
I imagine most people have a dusty toaster
so I'm not going to worry about it too much.
Perhaps I should sew up a nifty cover for it sometime.

The roses are in all phases of bloom.
Mid Summer has darkened the green of the leaves
and crickets fill the night with song.

Time to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.
Think I'll watch "Like Water for Chocolate"again,
blame it on the rose petals... 

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. ☺ nice to see your house photo.
    enjoy spending time with your brother.

  2. Hah, that is such a wonderful movie. Cakes filled with tears and rose petal quail. Pure love it is.

    I think it's time to dust my toaster too. Hope you have a nice visit. I'm going to see my brother at the end of August.

  3. i LOVE that movie!
    actually now i think i will watch it again soon...long time since i saw it last time. or maybe i will read the book again.

    you have such a cosy home,
    don't mind the dust on the toaster my friend : )
    wishing you a wonderful time together with your brother.



  5. My three dear friends, what would I do without you!
    Yes, the rose petal quail...
    Coco and V, you were both talking about a tea blend from US that no longer ships oversea.
    May I be of any help?
    I would love to send off little packages to you both again.
    Carrie, if you would like a care package forward your email and we can set something up.
    I promise to delete it right away.
    Again, thanks for your comments and encouraging words.
    xoxoxoxoxo, j

    1. You are so kind J!!!
      the tea is Evening Repose from here
      i bought it through their web shop and sent it to coco a while back and i believe she has used it up. they have changed their policy so they don't ship to foreign countries anymore.
      i still have quite a lot left so i don't need any but i believe coco would LOVE some. but if you happend to stumble over a Bellocq tea named Etoile De L'Inde i would LOVE to try it (i am blushing) BUT then you must promise me to let me know of something you would like in return my sweet and generous friend.

      we have such a warm and sunny day here today, hurray!!! long time since we have had such a nice summer weather day so i am so happy. earlier today i went out and bought myself two new green plants and picked up some books at the library, now i am going to sit down and just be lazy in my garden : )


    2. Consider it done!
      Your kind comments and understanding of my sporadic correspondence are the only gifts I need.
      Enjoy your sun! And your library books. : )
      Off to work I go.
      xo, j

    3. i
      and deeply cherish
      our correspondence!!: )