Monday, July 02, 2012

Driving Miss Daisy

 Mimosa Tree behind the grocery store

Yesterday afternoon I went down to my basement storage unit
and hauled out Miss Daisy.

Her tires were flat so we walked down to the corner convenience
market to pump up those pink rimmed beauties!

For a long time I was an avid mountain biker,
(and I have the scars to prove it!)
but Old Blue is now in storage until a proper tune up can be arranged.

I will admit that the wide handle bars take a lot of getting used to,
and what a seat!  She's built to cruise not for speed.
The basket is begging for a dozen pink roses and this nifty helmet!
Silly romantic me.

Anyway, it was nice to ride to work today.
People smile and wave when they see us plugging along.
A great way to begin and end my day.


  1. That is a SWEEET bike! Are those flowers painted above her front tire? - awesome. And I would totally go for the red helmet too.

  2. i like your miss daisy. enjoy your ride to work.

  3. The decals are actually beach themed...surfboards, palm trees etc.
    : )