Sunday, July 08, 2012

Loose Ends

Yesterday's heat brought on a fierce late day thunderstorm.
Today the sky is almost blue and it's only in the low 90's.
Quite a relief.

This morning I set back to work on the Farm books, half should be bound by this evening.
Other books are waiting to be made...I couldn't ignore them any longer.

Last night I finished up my Rocky Coast Cardigan.
A seamless construction that required only a sewing in of ends and a quick blocking.
It kept slipping off the hanger and falling into pine needles while photographing.
Not the last time it will find itself covered with pine needles, I'm sure.
Cicada shells on the tree.

So now a new knitting project 
and that much closer to another book idea.


  1. Oh wow, that sweater is phenomenal! That must have taken forever, what patience you have. I'm glad it's getting cooler down there. I think we hit mid 80s today - time to break out the parka ;)

  2. that cardigan is so amazing. i wish i had that
    patience to knit that much big project.
    you must be looking for the colder weather to
    be able to enjoy that.
    i hope you are having lovely evening.

  3. thank you both for the kind words.
    it's the kind of project you pick up and put down, doing other things in between.
    i am looking forward to cooler weather.
    : )