Tuesday, July 10, 2012

After Work

I came home tonight and parked under an oak tree.
Branches hung low and I noticed the acorns are beginning to form.
Further up I saw one of my dear Mourning Doves.
She was preening and even managed a yawn,
which I wasn't quick enough to photograph.

Upon checking my mail, I found a note from V!
She has returned from her vacation in Northern Norway
and was thoughtful enough to send me the prettiest postcard.
I must get better at sending postcards, they are such fun to receive.
Her photos and description of the Midnight Sun are magical.
Welcome back, dear friend.
You were well missed.


  1. acorn! i was wondering what that was.
    i like looking at dove photos here. i listen to
    them here all the time and kind of remind me my old days....somewhat nostalgic as i heard their voice out in the farm. but never be able to
    photograph them.

    you are lucky girl to receive pretty post card.

  2. WhoooOOOooo..hoo...hoo. God I love that sound. I'm with Coco, it takes me right back to when I was young and sitting on my Grandma's porch on the farm. That postcard is so sweet too, a little love from the land of fjords :)