Saturday, August 24, 2013

back home

I'm back home for a while.
My stay in the city was exhausting and allowed
no time for wandering or sight-seeing.

Each morning I walked a block over on 28th street from my hotel
to the subway and then a block from my stop at Union Square to work.
But they were interesting blocks!

28th street is known for its flower markets so each morning the 
street was lined with buckets of beautiful plants and flowers.

Union Square is known for its wonderful farmers' market
and the players who set up their chess boards awaiting an opponent.

The schools are opening and the streets are filled with students
from all over the many aspiring young ones.

It's good to be home where I can sleep in the moonlight
under an open window listening to the ocean of crickets.


  1. you've been busy girl this summer. rest well my friend.

  2. it's good to be home
    i feel that too