Saturday, August 03, 2013


I'm finally home for a while.
My flight from Chicago was cancelled so I stayed an extra night.
(Rain in Philadelphia almost always closes the airport!)
A short work trip to NYC is planned for the end of the month but until
then I can 'nest in' with Sophie, my knitting and fresh food.

Today I stopped by my favorite yarn shop, Conversational Threads,
to pick up one skein to complete a holiday gift project.

Of course I had to take a quick look around!
This yarn from Madelintosh stopped me in my tracks.
It's so much prettier than the photo can convey, I couldn't resist.

It's a DK weight Merino called Ash/Red Leaf.
The cherry color has been hand dyed onto one section of the hank
so the color will pool when knitted up, creating spots of deep cherry
on the cool grey background.

But first to finish the other piece!
It's good to be home.

Hope all is well,
xo, j


  1. welcome home my sweet j : )

    i almost fainted when i saw the photo
    of this GORGEOUS yarn! what a heavenly colorcombination!!
    gosh that cherry color...
    you are going to have it lovely while working with this yarn on your needles, excited to get to hear and see what you will make with it.

    sending love