Sunday, August 25, 2013


A weekend of puttering about.
Local air show watched from the side of the road.
Ingredients for eggplant lasagna from a roadside stand.
I dyed "mill end" wool from a local factory with Black Cherry Kool-Aid.
Finished Dandelion embroidery, now what will it become?


  1. two days of rain made our land much cooler and i had to get up to put long sleeve last night.
    the pretty color of your yarn look warm already. what will it be ☺
    the embroidery makes me smile and i like the cheerful presentation in this post.
    now, the monday morning has arrived here and i will enjoy the little rain drops again.
    i hope you are rested well.
    p.s. last night, i had a dream of being in us, visiting meat section of grocery store.

  2. Your dandelion embroidery is so beautiful - can't wait to see what it will become!

  3. busy bee!

    wish you a fine week
    Patrice A.