Sunday, August 11, 2013

overnight in the mountains


Last night I slept under the stars at the foot of the Blue Mountain.
It's been months since I've been camping and I craved the fresh air, 
sounds of the forest and woodsmoke.

The Appalachian Trail runs along the top ridge and I managed a 
quick walk before the bugs and mosquitoes sent me back to camp.

The recent heavy rains left the trail spongy and dotted with mushrooms.
Dry stone walls emerge from a sea of ferns as the familiar
white blaze leads you along the trail.

Early the next morning I sat very still by the cold campfire,
enjoying the family of Tufted Titmice that flew by so close 
I could feel the air from their wings on my cheek.

Just as quietly a first year raccoon made its way up from the creek 
and straight for where I was sitting.
Knowing it's best not to startle a wild one I gently 
moved my leg to alert if of my presence.

It's startled dark face looked up and it quickly turned, hurried back to the creek,
swam across and then continued up stream on the opposite bank.
Probably on it's way to bed after a night of foraging.

Back home I continued my quiet day and read a novel from cover to cover.
Two days of self indulgence...I'm ready for the week ahead!
xo, j


  1. It sounds like a very idyllic weekend indeed :)
    Beautiful mushroom photos - the purple one is like nothing I have ever seen before!

  2. thank you for taking us to
    the mountain with you. those
    mountain lives in my heart.
    titmouse is my favorite. aren't
    they adoreble?