Sunday, August 04, 2013

sunday drive

Yesterday's rain has moved out to sea.
I took a drive out into farm country today.
It's the height of summer; all is green, blue and white.

Most of these farms are Amish owned and operated.
I saw a young girl, maybe eight, run from her house to the barn,
barefoot in a gingham dress and apron.
It could have been two hundred years ago...

Some general housekeeping, 
start some bean sprouts, make some granola bars
while a breeze rustles the leaves and crickets sing.

Happy Sunday
xo, j


  1. your weather and sky
    looks like Dutch-weather
    i like so much:
    blue skies, white clouds
    a breeze and green grass

    Patrice A.

  2. i see you are back to
    comfort zone! mine as well.
    i feel at ease seeing this
    countryside photos.