Sunday, October 13, 2013

black bears and apple sauce

It was another beautiful autumnal weekend.
Saturday I sorted through a dresser and a closet
and then knit the bear hood in the evening.

It was made under the pretense of being a Halloween costume
but I can't wait to wear it while walking through the woods on a snowy day
or sitting with a cup of cider by a blazing camp fire.

Of course, I had to take my latest knitting project for a walk!
The paper bag bear was kind enough to pose with my new hood.

Then home for a snack of fresh apple sauce and a cuppa 
delicious fruity tea from the beautiful Coco.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
xo, j

(ps. Sophie's eyes get huge and her back arches when I wear the hood in the house!)


  1. ;^))

    what a fine, happy autumnly post!
    love the hat and
    love your hair!!
    wow.... it looks beautiful!

    Patrice A.

    1. Thanks again for encouraging me to let my hair be what it is!
      Much love
      xo, j

  2. what a sweet surprise. i thought it looks like
    a delicious greent tea. i still have one apple sitting
    on my counter and i should make something like that.
    thanks, j for making me smile with sophie's reaction.
    ya, it's the time of year to enjoy apple and apple cider too.

    1. You are so often in my thoughts.
      Yes, Sophie made me laugh!
      xo, j

    2. i shall make apple something tomorrow♡
      you lifted up my down spirit tonight.