Wednesday, October 02, 2013

walking and weaving

Well, my week of cleaning closets has gone out the window.
Instead I dusted off my 36" rigid heddle loom and started weaving again.
Two days later I have a completed black scarf and another half way done.

This morning I took a short break from the loom and 
went for a walk on the meadow trail at Jacobsburg State Park.
The colors are really starting to change and I was surprised to see all the pink.
It's very warm here with loads of bright sun, unusual for October.

I stuffed all my recent projects in a backpack and took them on my walk.
They photograph so much better outside.
Thankfully, no one saw me tying a scarf around the walnut tree!

The park was full of migrating songbirds and the random thump of falling walnuts.
Such a pretty day...

Now a bowl of soup and a bit more weaving before bed.
xo, j


  1. oh!! did you knit this pink cowl?? gorgeous pattern!!

  2. oh, lucky tree -
    and you, to be in the middle of such a beautiful autumn!

  3. gorgeous pink cowl, weavings and autumn scenery!!
    i am a girl that thinks that one can never get too much pink and i have feeling that you are one of those girls too : ))

    much LOVE,

  4. ps: i have a cinnamon apple cake in the oven now...wish you were here to enjoy it together with me...: )

  5. Cinnamon apple cake sounds delicious!
    Yes, I do love pink...the pattern can be found on Ravelry.
    Thanks to all for the lovely comments, they made my day!
    Much love
    xo, j