Monday, October 21, 2013

Rhinebeck-Part Two-The Sheep and Goats

Here is my last set of photos from Rhinebeck 2013.

As I mentioned yesterday, this year we spent more time 
wandering through the livestock area than in previous years.
I love the warm smell of the animals and the hay.

Although I'm partial to the goats, the ewe in the fifth photo
stole my heart with her large, expressive eyes.
Such beautiful faces.


Now there are hanks of yarn to roll up
and new projects to start...

This work week is going to be very hectic
but I'll try to fit in a blog post or two.

Thanks for letting me share my trip.
xo, j


  1. Such handsome beasts! I do love the patterns, textures and subtle colourings you've captured in their woolly coats :)

    1. sensory ovverload!
      thanks for the kind words, I hope you have been well
      xo, j

  2. two of those in last photo gives me peace of mind and
    makes me smile❤

  3. Oh how wonderful to have been able to spend time at the festival and thank you for sharing in photos. Happy to have come upon your blog.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and your kind comment.
      I can't wait to explore your blog!
      xo, j

  4. You did such a great job capturing the whole trip. So much fun, as always. I especially love the sleeping babies in the last photo. How are we going to wait 362 days for the next trip?? Take care of yourself this week.

    1. thanks darling
      that's your dear friend in the second photo
      i've already started saving up for next year!

  5. i went to a farm in england in the summer
    and took at least a hundred photos of the sheep and goats
    i love how the light always brings out all their softness . . .