Sunday, October 06, 2013

pumpkin patch

Saturday I went to my favorite orchard with the intention 
of picking apples, but it was so crowded I bought some in the 
farm shop and made for the pumpkin patch further down the road.

The three beautiful Clydesdales pulled a wagon 
full of hay and visitors around 'None Such Farm.'
I loved the jingling of their harness and the thunder
of their hooves as they trotted along side the fields.

Three pumpkins found their way home with me.
(one orange, one white and the variegated one shown)
Soon I'll be carving their faces and roasting the seeds.

The grey wrap is my latest weaving project.
(Again, I'm found out in the park dressing trees!)
A young man and his dog couldn't help but stare
as I smiled and wished them a good day.

It's back to work tomorrow....but I've had a wonderful week
spent outdoors and surrounded by yarn.

xo, j


  1. sound like a beautiful days you are having and
    i can't believe you weaved that scarf. love the stripe.

  2. j, roasted pumpkin seed, can they be eaten?
    i look forward to see how you do it, so i can try the same here.

    1. absolutely!
      it's super easy and delicious
      xo, j

  3. that scarf is beyond lovely......weaving supplies on our Rhinebeck list?

    1. you read my mind!
      i can't wait to spend the day shopping for yarn and 'stuff' with you!
      enjoy pittsburgh
      xo, j

  4. sounds like the sort of week i'd commit a minor crime for!
    another lucky tree . . .