Wednesday, October 09, 2013

wednesday morning

It has finally turned cooler and the sun is much later to rise.
Puttering around before going into work.

The lace scarf I'm working is a lovely pattern of leaves
knit in a dusty shade of plum merino wool.

Dearest V once told me she thinks of leaves when she thinks of me.
I can't think of any sweeter than to be associated with leaves.

xo, j


  1. i think i know what v means :)
    such beautiful light + leaves

  2. wow.... that bright light
    just beautiful

    your words makes me smile
    and that kniting makes me jealous ;^))

    have a fine sunday!

  3. j, i had to tell you i love your color sense.
    each time when i see your post with yarn, i am
    deeply in love with your color selection. so original
    and beautiful to eyes and soul.