Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rhinebeck-Part One-The Yarn

hudson river
my plunder

Another year at Rhinebeck is behind me now.

My dear friend, who was exhausted from a road trip the previous day,
made a valiant effort and joined me for the six hour shopping event.

The first vendor we visited had the beautiful naturally
 dyed yarns shown in the first three photos.
We saw those amazing heather colors and were sold.

Each year the festival seems more crowed than the last.
Many attendees wear their favorite knitting project from the previous year
and the men are prone to wearing kilts (sorry no photos of them!)

This year we bought yarn with specific projects in mind 
 resisting the temptation of buying a skein of this and a skein of that.

I bought wool, cashmere and a treasured ball of pure Alaskan Qiviut!
(The deeper plum ball hidden under my new nostepinne in the photo above)
We also picked up a few books, tools and a bag of herbal moth repellant.

Next year I will definitely remember to bring my lunch
as I spent forty-five minutes in line for a cold hot dog!

Thanks, again, to my dearest Hafvalla for a wonderful day.
And thanks to Cindy from Conversational Threads for organizing the bus trip.

Tomorrow, the sheep!
xo, j


  1. beautiful hudson river remind me
    "when harry met sally". i am glad you got
    some warm looking yarn, such a luxury.

  2. Wow! Such beautiful colours and tempting textures.
    I wish I knew of a wool fair over here!!

  3. It's a bit of a sensory overload the first time you visit but then with each year you develop a 'plan of attack!'
    Thanks to you both for the lovely comments.
    xo, j