Saturday, July 27, 2013

beautiful surprises

There was a beautiful blue package waiting for me when I returned from my trip.
  Thank you so much Coco for the wonderful handmade drawstring bags!
One is for my knitting and the other for my embroidery.

The bracelet is very lovely...I'll wear it during next week's meetings.
And the little bird magnet and tea are perfect.
You are far too generous, my dear friend.
A little package of birds is flying your way right now!

The pears were on my desk this morning.
Jenny picked them from her tree and put them in this sweet heart shaped bowl.
What a pretty way to start my day at work.

Now it's time to unpack so I can pack again, Monday I'm off to Chicago!
It's a work trip so the most I'll see of the city is the view from the airplane.
Tomorrow, more vacation photos.

xo, j


  1. :)
    the bags look happy in your hand
    and thank you for the beautiful photos.
    i had fun preparing the surprise.