Tuesday, July 02, 2013

garden gnome

A friend of mine is on vacation and asked if I would watch her garden.
Earthworms, pincher bugs, ants and all!

Tonight I stopped over after work to do some weeding.
How eagerly we jump into tasks that are unfamiliar!

Pulling weeds is much like knitting to me,
a repetitive action that slows me down, smoothing away the day.

A regular garden gnome, I am!
Perhaps I should felt myself a little red cap.

The beautiful kale was my reward for topping off the wheel barrow.
Guess what's for dinner tonight!


  1. it is nice to see you up in the garden.
    i can imagine you hopping around there
    ^^. with that kale, did you make
    kale lazagna?

  2. I actually did not see any garden gnomes here. if you are looking for some garden statues here are recommended choice.