Thursday, July 25, 2013

rainy north carolina

I'm back from my 1200 mile whirlwind tour of North Carolina and Virginia.
It was great to visit my older brother's new home for the first time.
My nephew was away at camp but his dog Joey was a great cuddle bug!
D is safely back in Florida...the apartment is quiet.

There was a lot of rain but that didn't deter the hummingbirds.
Such a beautiful countryside all lush and green.
The farmers' market was busy on Saturday morning 
and I picked up some delicious honey.

Letters need to be written and packages much to do before
I leave on a business trip to Chicago next week!


  1. We just back a few days ago from Colorado and I'm sorry to have missed you here in our neck of the woods. Glad to hear it was a great trip and everyone got home safely. Loves to you.

  2. as demetria said, i feel the same.
    all those beautiful landscape image
    had been tattooed in mind.
    glad to you are back safely and
    enjoyed your family time.
    sleep well, j.

  3. Sorry I missed you Jenny!
    We were only there for 2 days...someday I will get to Asheville!
    Coco and Demetria, you were both in my thoughts.
    Thanks for the comments and take good care.
    xo, j

  4. It was so great to have you with us .... Even if only for a night! LOVE the picture of Joey.