Sunday, July 07, 2013

sunday handiwork

There was another heat warning in effect today
as the the heat index rose to the high 90's.

I stayed at home and did some very fast cleaning
so I could get back to my embroidery!
(Dave, leave the white gloves in Florida!)

The unplanned style of the garden required more time 
to work out but I kept reminding myself "this is just a sampler."
It's all very basic but now I have plenty of ideas.

I made a refillable cheesecloth bag and stuffed it with lavender.
It felt great to complete something in such a short amount of time

Hope everyone had a lovely summertime weekend.
xo, j


  1. it's so is beautiful, I love the flowers you you have embroidery.

  2. i'm learning, too, dear j,
    that the dust can always wait :)
    so pretty - and the styling, too!

  3. this post suits
    the summery weather
    we also have
    so well

    love it!
    Patrice A.

  4. so so~ lovely and i love it.
    you are knocking my creative
    door, now i want to do my free stitches.
    good night j.

  5. BEAUTIFUL embroidery
    my dear j, SO beautiful...there isn't a single
    craft in the world that you are not good at!
    i am for sure coming back in here to view again this lovely
    piece of yours.

    always with love,