Wednesday, July 17, 2013

road trip

Tomorrow morning my brother and I are heading out on a road trip.
I'm scrambling to get packed, it must be done before I leave for work in an hour!

One thing that I've been a bit obsessed with lately is this book
of illustrations by Charlie Harper.
We've had the book in the store for about a month now and I often 
found myself wandering over to the table for a quick flip through during the day.
Now I've purchased it and couldn't be happier, I highly recommend it.

The bold and simple renderings just seem to resonate with the embroidery
work and little paintings that I've been doing, we'll see what becomes of it!

So off to the mountains of Western North Carolina we go.
I won't be back for about a week but will surely have many photos on my return.

Take care and enjoy the 'dog days of summer!"
xo, j


  1. Have fun in your road trip!!
    I like too this illustrations! are very geometric

  2. enjoy - looking forward to seeing the landscapes!
    i bought a. a charlie harper memory game
    one of our favourite games to play

  3. I hope this means you're going to asheville! have a wonderful time! go on the blue ridge parkway!