Saturday, July 06, 2013

should have been cleaning today...

...but I ended up in the woods again!
Another walk around the meadows of Jacobsburg SP.
This time I took a new trail and three hours later 
finally found my way back to the car.

The temperature was in the low 90's and still quite humid,
a typical summer day full of cicadas, crickets and bees.

At the end of the trail I took off my shoes and dangled 
my steamy toes in the cold creek water.

Trying my hand at some free form embroidery,
we'll see how it goes...I'm a bit tired.

Hmmmm, maybe I'll get some housework done tomorrow?
My brother is coming to visit soon so I can't put it off much longer!


  1. how nice to see this refreshing post.
    freee style embroidery is so much fun
    and look forward to the result.
    one more day to go and i will be off on tuesday..

  2. your embroidery is beautiful!