Monday, July 01, 2013

when it rains...

...the mushrooms come out,
and it's been raining here for days.

I didn't get up to the mountains yesterday, feeling a bit tired.
So I curled up with magazines, books and yarn.

This issue of Kinfolk features all things Japanese and was a pleasure 
to slip into as the thunder rumbled down the mountain.

I picked up the yarns at Purl Soho.
The red is called Camper (of course!) and is from Brooklyn Tweed.
The green is a fingering weight from Swans Island called Tarragon.
It was  a pleasure to finally feel the yarns that I've been so enamored with!

A pair of Baltimore Orioles are nesting outside my window this year.
(Pictured second pair down in the field guide.)
The female is out and about more than the flashy male, 
but both are too quick for my camera.

I painted my kitchen the top green on the color card.
It's cheerful and brightens up the dark little space.

Now off to make a stir fry for dinner.
Hope all is well.
xo, j


  1. i like having bright color wall in the kitchen
    and that is one of the most important room in the house.
    stir fry! i often make stir fry with lots of veges and mashroom. yumm.
    i hope you are rested well and learned lots of things about japan .ha!
    but there are always different kind of people
    other than what it said in the article....some good and strange people as you know.
    good day, j.

  2. good and strange people are everywhere!
    rather brings us closer together, don't you think?
    xo, j

  3. mm kinfolk does seem perfect for this grey weather - looks cozy.

  4. do you get some edible mushrooms, too?
    i used to love foraging for them in the forests
    when i lived in england.
    i curled up with this kinfolk too
    as A fell asleep, it's beautiful
    (but i know what Coco means
    it is of course selective)